Don't forget to get your beauty rest this weekend. Here's Rule No. 724. Part of the #sleeprules campaign with more…
Of course we love National #SmallBusinessWeek but love working w/ The Big Tree & @NewHonorSociety even more
McDonald's is celebrating #OpeningDaySTL all week long. Feast your eyes on our latest work w/ @HandLPartners.
Here it is! The ubiquitous #ADDYAwards17 pic. Best Editing for Mad props to the creators…
The Westminster Dog Show presented by @ProPlan starts Monday. Here's the 101 designed and animated by yours truly
Part of a larger campaign. The first spot aired in the #superbowl. More to come #sleeprules
Latest post work for St. Anthony’s Medical Center campaign developed by @adsavants and produced by The Big Tree.
#7! Not bad for a side project. Top Ten Most Popular Egotist Posts of 2016 via @po_st
@JCSCreative hosts, while our own sound master @MikeRadentz & @90degreeswest Mark Bartels chat about their loud jobs
Bravo @timcraftvideo & Brenda Bertts Long for their Mid-America EMMY® nom for the @ranken commercial campaign. Nice work team! #EmmyMidAm
#ShitToHit TONIGHT: @AntidoteSTL Agency Jam 2016 @AtomicCowboySTL via @po_st
Reminder: 5:30pm - Quit work early. 6pm - Go to happy hour @AtomicCowboySTL. 7pm - Jam with us all night!
@DaveBour @BCummingsPhoto @KyleKrupinski @SkateSPS Thanks, Dave. Such a great project to be a part of.
Passion Is Resolute - @SkateSPS 2016 Campaign & Lookbook by @BCummingsPhoto via @po_st
All were winners!!! Lot of love went into the work. Last night was no different. Watch our efforts for #STLAddys
That's a wrap, y'all #STLADDYSPrimer
Knockout cast hosted by @tara_nesbitt & Jeff Stevens @Culture8Strat. #STLADDYSPrimer starts at 5pm w/ drinks. Don't be late.
Proud to have worked w/ @BCummingsPhoto & @SkateSPS on this beaut. Passion Is Resolute / Side Project Skateboards
@BCummingsPhoto @SkateSPS We loved being part of something truly unique. Great vision! Thank you for bringing us together.
A collection of memorable moments, events and milestones from the past year at Antidote.