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December 11, -2012-
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In the spirit of the season, we would like to remind everyone to "Lend A Hand" to those struggling to stay warm this winter by donating $1 to Laclede Gas DollarHelp. Simply Check the Red Box on your next gas bill. WATCH the web campaign to learn more. Or go to their site to DONATE.

Through partner agency Fleishman-Hillard, Antidote was tasked with several production and editorial efforts; the most exciting of which was acquiring fantastic aerials by rigging our RED Epic to a chopper. Graphic efforts included 3D tracking of the Red Box on the sides of several St. Louis area buildings...recognize any? Footage was finished black & white in our DaVinci Resolve suite.

Editor & Colorist: Ryan Bury
3D: Casper McElwee
DP: Tom Newcomb
Technical Director: Scott Huegerich

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Antidote has acquired a RED Epic, the most advanced digital cinematography camera currently on the market. With the ability to shoot 5K resolution and at speeds up to 300 frames per second, the RED Epic provides an amazing alternative to 35mm film.

SCHUPP COMPANY recently utilized the new camera for a series of Miller Lite product shots as part of a promo video shot, directed and edited by Antidote.

"The RED Epic was the perfect camera for this particular promotion," said Linda Schumacher, Director of Broadcast at Schupp. "It allowed us to visually present the benefits of the Punch Top Can, a smoother pour with less glug. Antidote was instrumental in providing a superb combination of appropriate equipment and high quality production talent across the board; shooting, editing and audio."

"It's been amazing to witness the interest level from our clients," said Ryan Bury, Partner and Director/Editor at Antidote. "The camera went straight into production and I'm not sure when we will have time to stop and look back. The immediate response has been incredible."

The first major theatrical releases to be shot on the RED Epic include "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," "The Amazing Spider Man," "The Hobbbit" and "Avatar 2" among others. Locally the camera has quickly proven to be a valuable and sought after tool for both commercial and industrial applications.

For more information about Antidote's RED Epic please contact Scott Huegerich at SCOTT@THINKANTIDOTE.COM.

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Previous Life:
Two years removed from college I co-founded a talent agency called Azalea, which is still in operation. I was at Azalea for 5 years before getting bit by the production bug (much to our eventual benefit).

Production Credits:
Too many to list as a project coordinator, but some notable ones of interest include two films shot in Missouri..."Meet Bill" and "Killshot." Aside from those features, I've worked on a lot of commercials and music videos.

Happy hour with my girls, trying new restaurants, cooking, yoga, reading, knitting, live music, beach vacations and outdoor activities (hiking, biking and standup paddle boarding).

Favorite Fashion:
Anything shoe related. I'm the Imedla Marcos of St. Louis...actually it's not that bad. I just really like shoes, a lot!

iPad, Kindle or Paper?
None of the above. I roll with the Nook Color.

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Working with partner agency Momentum, Antidote was recently challenged with animating over 100 digital videos in preparation for the retail launch of Windows Phone 7.5. The videos demonstrated all user interface capabilities and were created for point of purchase displays, both domestic and international with 10 language translations.

The team at Antidote worked closely with Momentum offices in New York, St. Louis and Seattle; and Microsoft offices in Seattle, Europe and Asia. To stay ahead of an ambitious deadline, Antidote developed an internal project team including additional animators to expedite the process.

Dawn Hieger & Scott Huegerich — Production Managers
Ryan Bury — Design Director
Rob Fouch, Jeremy Frye,
Matt Hickey, Casper McElwee
— Animators
Mike Radentz — Audio Mixing

"Antidote was integral in the success of this project," said Liz Carboni, Account Executive at Momentum NYC. "Their ability to adapt to constantly changing timelines and creative feedback was incredible and led to a fantastic final project. Both myself and Microsoft were incredibly pleased with the process and look forward to working with Antidote in the future."

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